Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for my septic system?

Yes, the Dreambly laundry sheet is definitely safe for your septic system--it has very low COD and almost no BOD. It is fully biodegradable and does not contain harsh chemicals found in regular detergents such as nonylphenol ethoxylate surfactants or montmorillonite fillers that can contaminate and clog the soil and interfere with septic tank performance.

Will the Dreambly laundry sheet keep my washer from smelling funky?

Yes, the Dreambly laundry sheet antibacterial solution constantly cleans and disinfects your washer with each load. If your washer needs a concentrated cleaning, run a "clean" or "heavy" cycle at high temperature with up to four Sheets.

Hi there! Are these effective and safe for cloth diapers? Thanks!

The Dreambly laundry sheet is absolutely safe for cloth diapers—much safer and more effective than regular detergents since the patented natural formulation kills all bacteria, keeps the fabric fibers clear, and retreats the fabric to prevent odor-causing bacteria. The fully biodegradable formulation only includes purified water, renewable sourced surfactants, organic stabilizers, natural sequestering agents and enzymes, and essential oils for fragrance.

Can I use Dreambly laundry sheet in my front-load machine?  

Yes, Dreambly laundry sheets are safe for use in all machines, including HE or High-Efficiency machines.

My laundry smells and feels clean, but can you increase the smell like with scent boosters?  

I also love when my bath towel still has the floral smell after a week of use. We could have infused the Dreambly laundry sheet with scent boosters similar to the popular products people like to add to their wash; however, these are definitely not eco friendly, healthy, or good for your fabrics. For this reason, we have included a bottle of our essential oil that is infused in our products in our “laundry gift set” or you may purchase the bottle of essential oil by itself, which can be dropped onto the sheet or we suggest wool dryer balls and placed in the dryer, which will enhance the scent as well.

Are there other things I can use my Dreambly laundry sheet on as a stain remover?  

Yes you can, the Dreambly sheet although designed for your laundry is a potent and powerful spot stain remover. For example, if you have a tough stain on your carpet, you can take a Dreambly sheet and just rub the stained area of the carpet, let it sit, then wipe away with clean rag. For tough stains, we suggest letting the product sit and work for 5-10 minutes, prior to wiping it clean.

What if I run out in the middle of my subscription, should I just order more?  

Yes if you run out of sheets in the middle of your subscription you would need to go in and purchase another pack, but you can always go in and modify your subscription to add an additional pack to your monthly order, so you don’t run out again.  

Can I use my Dreambly laundry sheet if I am camping by natural water?  

Yes, the Dreambly sheets can be used anywhere, as it is a 100% biodegradable product within 10 days. We would advise you still throw the sheet itself away in some type of trash receptacle or trash can, but our patented solution that is infused in the sheets is approved for use in any water system.

Are the sheets hypoallergenic or safe for people with sensitive skin?  

Yes our product is USDA Certified 100% Bio-Based Product and we only use all natural ingredients that will not irritate skin, unlike traditional detergents that use silicone or synthetic based ingredients.

Do I need to use additional fabric softener?  

You should not have to as Dreambly uses potent natural chelators to soften even the hardest water and patented detergents designed to rinse easily and leave no residue on your fabrics, so they will always feel new and never need artificial softeners.

Do these sheets disinfect?  

Laundry products containing chlorine bleach would “disinfect” your clothing. While bleach is certified by the EPA to disinfect, it will damage most of your clothing (even white cotton is damaged over time by bleach as its caustic nature destroys fabric fibers). Oxygenated cleaners and color-safe bleaches use a weaker form of bleach and/or hydrogen peroxide which do not disinfect.

Is this product safe to use in both hot and cold water?  

Yes the Dreambly sheet is safe to use in any temperature water.

Can I use the sheets on delicate clothing and synthetics?  

Yes, that is one of the best attributes about our product, because we use patented all natural detergents and ingredients, our products will have no adverse effect on even your most delicate clothes.

Can your sheets be used more than once? Do they disintegrate in the dryer or do they need to be thrown away?  

Unfortunately no, each sheet is a one-time use product that should be thrown away after it’s cycle in the washer and dryer.

What are the ingredients in the Dreambly sheets?  

Purified water, renewable sourced surfactants (coconut oil), organic stabilizers, natural sequestering agents, natural enzymes, essential oils for fragrance, and Syntech (our patented, FDA-approved natural nano technology that is certified 100% biodegradable within 10 days).

How long will it take for my order to arrive?  

Generally all orders should arrive within 3-5 business days from the day the order was placed.

What do I do if I have a bad stain?  

Typically if you have a bad or tough stain, we suggest taking the Dreambly sheet and rubbing the area before throwing it in the wash for a concentrated stain removal dose.

How do I know how many sheets to use?  

Typically 1 Dreambly sheet is enough for a “normal” or “average” size load. If the load is “extra large” or “extremely soiled” then we suggest using two sheets. It will never hurt to use an extra sheet if you are unsure, but you will find 1 sheet is the perfect amount for most loads.

What if I accidentally mix colors and whites, will Dreambly make my colors bleed?  

The Dreambly sheets will not activate the bleeding of colors. Color bleeding occurs when clothing manufacturers rely on ineffective dying techniques or cheap dyes. Sometimes the dyes are simply unstable or not permanently set in the fabric. Other times, manufacturers overdye clothes so they'll appear brighter and more vibrant in the store, but then fade the first time you wash them.

How does the Dreambly sheets make my whites whiter or colors/brights brighter?  

The first step to getting your whites “whiter” and your brights “brighter” is to not damage the fabric in the first place. Our unique formula is gentle on fabric and tough on stains. Leaving behind no residue and no films. Next, we add naturally-derived optical brighteners. These special compounds enhance the appearance of whites and colors by altering the way light is absorbed and re-emitted.

How does the Dreambly sheet reduce or eliminate static in my laundry?  

Static, simply put, occurs when two dissimilar materials rub together resulting in a transfer of electrons from one material to another causing an imbalance of charges. Our formulation acts to balance those charges as well as to act as a barrier between dissimilar materials to prevent the transfer of charges and maintain charge balance. This takes place in the washing cycle as well as the drying cycle.

What makes your detergent different from regular detergents, like Tide or Gain?  

Dreambly products use patented bio-based detergents to gently and effectively break down and remove stains from fabrics without harming the integrity of the fabric or leaving behind harmful residues. Other detergents combine common industrial surfactants with silicone and other polymers to break down and remove stains. This presents a number of issues. First, the surfactants must now not only lift the stains away but also remove the added polymers. Second, these common surfactants, while widely used, can also be potential irritants and can be harsh enough to degrade fabrics and dyes.

Is Dreambly safe to use on clothes or items that would come in contact with my kids or pets?  

Yes Dreambly uses only 100% All Natural Ingredients that are certified by the EPA as “CleanGredients” that are non-toxic, non-harmful and non-irritating. All of our ingredients are also 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic.

My son requires dye free, scent free detergent due to allergies. Would this be safe for him?  

Our liquid and our sheet itself are 100% biodegradable in less than 3 weeks. We have a proprietary and patented laundry solution that is 100% All-Natural, non-toxic, non-fuming, non-irritating and all ingredients are certified "CleanGredients" by the EPA.

Are your products animal cruelty free?    

Yes they are animal cruelty free. Along with that our product is 100% All-Natural/biodegradable, non-toxic, non-fuming, non-irritating and non-harmful. All our ingredients are certified "CleanGredients" by the EPA as well.

Can I order more than 1 pack for a subscription?  

Yes of course, you can order as many packs as you like to be delivered as a subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?  

Yes, if you would like to cancel your subscription, you simply log into your account on the Dreambly website and once logged in, select “cancel subscription”.

Do you offer free shipping on any of your products?  

Yes we do. We currently offer free shipping for our subscription customers and all orders over $50.

What do we do if we want to return the product?  

If your order is within the 60 day return time frame, we will provide you a return shipping label for you to send the product back to our facility.